100 things i want to do before i die.

He made me.


I draw my life (:

I’ve seen this on YouTube and really wanted to make one myself, so I thought, “Why not?” and here it is! It was a ton of fun to make and I’m glad I did it.

I haven’t had an amazing life story, but I wanted to share my past, because that’s the best way to remember it. And if anyone watches this and is going through anything I went through I just want to say this:

Keep your head up, something beautiful is on the horizon. (:



Create a Harlem Shake video 

Me and my friends had to! The star of the video is our Brazilian exchange student named Daniel, he’s the one dancing in the beginning. If you can keep a straight face while watching him then you’ve officially won. 

the gifts summer 2012 brought (an update)

with school just a month away, im happy to say ive completed the following on my list (with a few exceptions) this summer:

 ✓26: learn stick shift (technically i haven’t, but since my car is a stick and i get my license in 2 weeks, it still counts…right?)

 ✓53: spend three continuous nights out of my house 

 ✓55: own a cute car (sweet sixteen present!! a white volkwagen beetle, doesn’t get much cuter than that)

61: go to a concert (can’t actually check this one off, but i have tickets to ONE DIRECTION for the 2013 tour…oooohhh boy im already preparing for it)

67: catch a fish (sadly, this cant be checked off officially…i was reeling one in and my line gets caught. still, a good effort.)

 ✓77: see a shooting star

 ✓80: spend an entire summer night talking (me and 2 of my best friends buy 40 chicken nuggets, park our car in the parking lot of king soopers in the pouring rain, and sit back, talk about literally everything, and watch the lightning. it was amazing.)

 ✓82: redo my room (this in happening in the coming weeks; its a process)

only a few, but ive got a whole lifetime to complete this list. 

i like to think im making pretty good process (:

until next time! ciao! xx